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Building tolerance and spreading awareness.

Stories by youth, for youth.

Coexist Literary Magazine (CLM) is an international, youth-led publication dedicated to exploring identity, emphasizing diversity, and encouraging activism.
We do this by publishing and amplifying youth and marginalized voices.

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We publish 3 issues every year. These are released in December, April, and August. We incorporate the work of both CLM staff writers and independent submissions. We accept poetry, fiction prose, and non-fiction prose. CLM has youth Editors and Designers who develop the final products.

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We publish youth authors year-round. Our staff writers create pieces ranging from poetry to Op Eds and everything in between. Our Editors work with them to polish and perfect their pieces. To learn more about our Writers, visit this website's "Our Team" section.

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CLM holds space for youth around the globe to share their unique opinions, thoughts, and experiences and learn from others who share their work. CLM aims to give a platform for voices that are often silenced and foster the empathy needed for social change. We accept a variety of expressive mediums, ranging from visual art to non-fiction articles. We accept feature applications and staff applications on a rolling basis, ensuring our platform is always open to those in need.

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