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In collaboration with The Global Youth Review and SeaGlass Lit (2022).

This writing contest asked contributors to explore the theme "Metamorphosis." The product—a joint issue—will exhibit the complexities of changing self-definition, growth, and healing.

Image by Alfred Schrock


Image by Bankim Desai


Image by Shashwat Verma


DUE SEP 30TH (12:00 pm UTC)

Magazine staff selected pieces to be included in our joint issue titled "Metamorphosis." These selections were then passed on to our guest judges, who selected the one winning submission for each category (poetry/prose).

Each magazine had the option to offer a publication spot in their own publication, even for non-finalists.

DUE AUG 7, 28, SEP 11 (12:00 pm UTC)

There were three opportunities to submit WIPs or near-finalized submissions for expedited feedback. Submitters could expect to hear back within 48 hours of the deadlines. This did not entail advance notification of whether their piece qualified for the Metamorphosis Issue; rather, it was merely meant to give writers feedback before the final submission deadline!


In preparation for our submission deadline, we hosted 5 virtual writing workshops free to attend! Through this, writers received help drafting and editing their submissions. 

11:00 pm EST Aug 23 w/ Opal

11:30 am EST Aug 6 w/ Dana 

12:00 pm EST Aug 27 w/ Aleena

7:30 pm EST Aug 6 w/ Alondra

10 am EST Sep 24 w/ Aurora


1. After submissions close, magazine staff selected finalist pieces. These will be published in our joint issue titled "Metamorphosis."


2. These finalists were passed on to our guest judges, who each selected one winning submission for their respective categories (poetry/prose). These winners received a monetary prize. 

3. Each magazine was allowed to offer you a publication spot on an Issue or their Blog.

4. Certain pieces were awarded "honourable mentions", which consists of a certificate of achievement but no publication spot



Marcella Haddad Headshot.JPG


MFA from UMass Amherst.


Marcella Haddad loves writing, traveling, and armadillos. She completed her MFA at UMass Amherst and was a Tin House YA 2022 Scholar. Her work has appeared in Variant Literature, Okay Donkey, Empty Room Radio, Apparition Lit, and others. She is also Managing Editor of Moonflake Press. You can find her in a tree or at

Ina Aram Headshot.jpeg


Undergraduate at Princeton University.

Ina Aram (she/her) is a sophomore at Princeton University and plans to major in English. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In another life, she would be an astronaut, but in this one, she writes and creates things to reach something like that feeling of infinity. 


11:00 pm EST Jul 23


"Our World Through Magic Lenses" facilitated by Opal Oliver Minor.

Opal Oliver Minor is a maker, poet, writer, and artist. They are currently a college student at UC Santa Cruz. They are a Youth Speaks Teen Slam finalist and published in multiple places. You can find their work at or on Instagram at @poets.lunchbox

11:30 am EST Aug 6


"Ekphrasis: Creating Art From Art" facilitated by Dana Blatte.

Dana Blatte is a student at Hamilton College. Her poetry and short fiction has been published in Fractured Lit, Lunch Ticket, The Shore, Up the Staircase Quarterly, and more, and has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, the Mass Poetry Festival, and the Pulitzer Center, among others. She loves bedroom pop, long walks, and honey almond butter. Find her on Twitter @infflorescence.

12:00 pm UTC Aug 7


Submit by the deadline to receive feedback from SeaGlass Lit's staff team. Feedback will be sent within 48 hours of closing the listed date.

12:00 pm EST Aug 27


“Using Emotions to Craft a Memorable Story" facilitated by Aleena Rose.

Aleena Rose is a student in New York. When not plotting another angsty novel, she can be found consuming an ungodly amount of cranberry tea or sharing writing tips for her community on Instagram. She is also the founder of The Authors of Tomorrow, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring young writers to make their stories heard, and the co-founder of Limelight Review.

12:00 pm UTC Aug 28


Submit between the FEEDBACK #1 deadline and this deadline to receive feedback from Coexist Literary Magazine's staff team. Feedback will be sent within 48 hours of closing the listed date.

7:30 pm EST Aug 6


Facilitated by Alondra Bobadilla.

Alondra Bobadilla was named Boston's first-ever Youth Poet Laureate in January of 2020. Through her own work, she demonstrates how creative expression can be a powerful tool for youth to examine feelings around issues, find their voice, and speak up about the changes they want to see for their future. She is the author of a collection of poems entitled “With Clipped Wings”.

12:00 PM UTC Sep 11


Submit between the FEEDBACK #2 deadline and this deadline to receive feedback from The Global Youth Review's staff team. Feedback will be sent within 48 hours of closing the listed date.

10 am EST Sep 24


"Imagery in Poetry & Prose" facilitated by Aurora Rae.

Aurora is a biologist by trade but a writer by passion currently in the query trenches. When she's not writing obsessively, she can be found hiking, crocheting, or playing the cello. To learn more about her and her journey to publishing, follow her on Instagram @aurora.rae.writes.

12:00 pm UTC Sep 30


The submission form will automatically close. Semi-finalists will be selected and notified by October 7. Winners will be selected by October 21. 

"Metamorphosis" Launch Date is TBD.


Playlist created to get the creative wordsmith juices flowing for all our submitters.

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